Feeling Renewed

Hello friends! I have not been on here for quite a few days due to being on vacation with my husband. We went down to Wildwood which for those not in NJ is a beach and boardwalk area. We had gone down last year but it was a rough week and we did not have as much fun as we could have. I was in a bad place mentally but this year was so different.

This year I was more in shape then last year. I was able to walk up the four flights of stairs to our room with minimal huffing and puffing. My mood was much improved from last year too as I have been exercising more as of late. I was actually able to be in the moment and not focus on all the negative that I did last year. I was actually able to walk most of the boardwalk most nights with my husband and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

I went away with the intention of relaxing and I definitely did that. No schedule, no alarms, nowhere to be at any particular time. The sound of the waves, the breeze, the sun (minus the burns we both got), all of it restored my soul. I told my husband that prior to this trip I considered vacation to be a luxury but now I’m thinking it is a necessity for us. I am always terrified of spending my money and not saving it because what if there is a crisis and we wasted the money on a vacation.

But I learned on this trip that a vacation is not necessarily frivolous or a luxury. I mean in the grand scheme of things I guess it still a luxury. But I work hard daily helping others. I listen to their problems and unfortunately take some of them to heart. I work myself to the bone and I realized I need time to build myself up too. I need time to rejuvenate me and just enjoy being a blissfully married young woman with a loving husband. I needed time away from family and friend not because they are horrible or anything but just time to be us as a couple. I don’t think I really looked at my phone much at all while we were gone.

My heart is happy, my spirit renewed and I feel alive and blessed. I am actually looking forward to going back to work with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear head. Sometimes taking time for yourself really is the best thing you can do for others. If you are burnt out you are of no use to anyone.

Jeff and Me Shore 2018

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