Some Poetry from 2013

They smile and pretend
That all is well
But there are many secrets
A family never tells

A husband betrays
The wife he lies beside
All for a silly woman
Who comes and strokes his pride

A wife overwhelmed
Ignores a child’s cry
All because she feels
Her life has passed her by

The children curse and fight
Longing to be heard
But though they scream and yell
Never are they heard

We all agree
Something must be done
To bring together mother, father,
Daughters and sons

But how do you combat
Darkness so ensnaring
How do you not argue
But really show you’re caring

You pray for peace
You pray for love
You pray for wisdom
From Heaven above

And sometimes what is broken
Can not be mended again
But made into something different
And more beautiful in the end.

~Jenny Hansen 2013

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