Flash Fiction Challenge – The Mirror

Kara was tired from a long day of taking care of the children on her caseload. All she wanted was to go home and snuggle up with some popcorn and watch Netflix until she passed out on the couch. But she knew that she was supposed to be eating healthier now especially since her doctor was on her case about losing weight.

So begrudgingly she headed to the local supermarket to pick up a few pieces of fruit to munch on instead of her usual Friday night buttered popcorn for dinner. She was going to just grab an apple or banana but then she saw a small package that caught her eye. It was a tiny bowl filled with watermelon cut into heart shapes. Kara smiled at the sight of them and decided to buy two for herself. Then she headed down the baking aisle and found a fruit peeler. Maybe she could make some fun shapes too if she bought some apples or pears next time. “This eating healthy stuff could be fun,” she said to herself as she headed to the register to pay.


via Flash Fiction Challenge – The Mirror

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