For my mother, who shows me how to be human, on her birthday

Some beautiful insights from a friend I haven’t seen in awhile.

every common bush

I have pondered the nature of parenthood for a good stretch now. I have the crease lines in the middle of my forehead, coming out of my eyebrows, to show for it. As far as I can tell from here, being a parent is simply teaching another human being how to be human, mostly by example. It is why Jesus came to earth as a person instead of simply telling us from His lofty perch, spectacles at the end of his nose, chin lifted to see through them to examine our behavior more precisely, what to do and how to be.

In a smaller but not very different sense, this is what parents do for their children every day.

It is my mom’s birthday today (i’m pretty sure. if not, it’s definitely tomorrow) and the older I get the more I can see clearly what she has shown me of…

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