Branding Yourself

So I’ve been hearing about this concept lately called Branding. The idea is that your turn yourself into a marketable “brand” that people will want to have. If this is not a new concept, sorry I’ve missed the boat until now.

So I was thinking about what my brand would be. How would I market myself into something the world would like? Then I thought, why do I care? Who do I have anything to prove something to? Who came up with this idea? Can I go punch them in the nose.

Then I realized that this would be a fun writing exercise and no longer wanted to hit someone. So here goes my “brand.”

Brand Name: Love and Light International

Mission: To bring love, light, and hope to all the people I encounter, regardless of when and where.

Sales Projections: Financially, this brand will never be a Fortune 500 company, but they are generous with their time and resources.

Special Skills of this Brand:
Two ears to listen and not judge.
One mouth to bring hope and encouragement.
Arms and hands to hug (with permission of course)
Faith that guides me to care more about others than myself
A degree in Psychology that is occasionally useful
Life Experience and Being an Empath

Areas Still Being Worked On:
Creating boundaries with others
Empowering versus saving others

I know that this was kinda corny but I actually enjoyed it. So what do you think of my “brand”? Is it reasonable? Would you want to “hire” or buy me if I was a product? Thanks for reading!!