Christmas Thoughts

Merry and Bright
Lots of beautiful lights
Smiles, giggles, and a few tears
For family seen and those we wish were still here.
Mountains of cookies, pies, and cakes too
Sometimes the house looks like a zoo

But remember as you celebrate this blessed day
The one who came to take your sins away.
A boy in a manger, naked and bare
Born to show the world that God really cared
The greatest gift you’ll ever receive
Isn’t in a box on Christmas Eve

So eat a cookie, sing a song,
And don’t forget His love, all the year long.
~Jenny Hansen 2021 “Christmas Thoughts”

Time-A Poem

Time my dear
Is a precious thing
Whether you’re happy or sad
Having great times
Or the worst period of your life
It just keeps marching on
Unaware of your desire to hold still
And pause until things are better,
You have more money,
Or you are less busy
So take the time
To make the time
To love those closest to you
With every minute of every hour of every day