My Couch Is My Best Friend Today

So apologies for not writing the last few days. I have not been feeling well at all and have been knocked on my butt by some kind of virus or cold. Not sure what yet but I go to the doctor’s today to find out.

I hate being sick. I don’t think anyone particularly enjoys being sick but I hate it with every fiber of my being. I have been working hard to stay in a routine of working out, eating better, and staying on top of things at work. Then along comes Mr. Virus and with one fell swoop knocks me flat on my back and now has me crawling to the couch or my bed and holding me hostage there.

I am behind on meetings with families at work. I have not been able to work out now for a week which has caused my mood to dip and my body to feel weak. I am surprised to say that I actually miss going most days. My house is pretty messy right now because I have not been able to clean and with the hours my husband works he doesn’t feel like cleaning before or after work.


I am a tiny bit proud of the fact that this time I did not push through. I did not force myself to go work out despite feeling like I was run over by a truck. I did not push myself to go to work feeling awful just to make people happy. I do not feel guilty for staying home this time as I have for years on end. I was finally able to say yesterday that I matter and it’s okay to rest. That is hard for me. I give and I give until I collapse from exhaustion or illness.

I eventually will feel better. My house will be clean again, I will resume my workouts, and I will get back on track. But for now I will rest on the couch watching Criminal Minds on Netflix until it is time to leave to see my doctor.