Is my friendship worth $2.25


So today I did something that I don’t normally do which is to ask a favor of a friend. She is having a BBQ tomorrow and usually there is a lot of stuff to snack on. She had asked me to bring my spinach dip which we, and others, always rave about and love to eat. Normally this dip is served with either cubes of a thick crusty bread or some tortilla chips, depending on the budget that week. Being that I am trying to watch my blood sugar I cannot partake of said tortilla chips (the yummy bread was out of the budget this week). So I asked her if she could have some extra red peppers on hand so that I could still enjoy the dip with everyone. She offered carrots but those are also high in sugar (plus I just hate uncooked carrots. I am not Bugs Bunny!). She got a little defensive and I finally said I would just bring some myself and she thanked me.

Now on the one hand I could look at this like okay she’s having the BBQ and supplying the main dinner foods so asking her to buy me one pepper is going too far. But I mean seriously I wound up buying a bag of FIVE peppers for $2.25. And this is the same friend who, several years ago, invited me to go to the beach with her and two of her friends I never met. On the drive she saw me eating a candy bar and literally took it out of my hands and threw it out the car window and told me I didn’t need it. I’ve never told her how embarrassing that was for me or how much that hurt my feelings. I wasn’t even struggling with Diabetes back then, I was just overweight. I think she was trying to help but it really didn’t. Also the same friend has asked me to be accommodating when she had some medical issues going on and my husband and I were hosting parties. So I made sure there were things there for her to eat because that, to me, is what a friend does.

I asked my husband and my mother in law if I was overreacting and they both agreed that #1 they were proud of me for trying to stick to eating low carb and not just mindlessly eating what I’m used to and #2 that it was a little rude considering the accommodations I made for her in the past. But my mother in law also made the point that everyone is not me and everyone does not host the same. Some are sensitive to others’ needs and others just feel that everyone should just eat what is put in front of them and suck it up if you don’t like it.

I know that this post may seem petty right now. There are wars raging, people dying, and so many bigger things then this going on. But it take a lot for me to ask anyone for literally anything so although I was hurt I guess I did try and that is progress. One day at a time.