Morning Mindfulness

I’ve been told that to manage my anxiety I should try to practice more mindfulness. Mindfulness is basically trying to be fully aware of what is going on around you and being present in the moment.

So on my drive to work this morning instead of thinking about my busy day and how I was going to get everything done, I focused on the cold air blowing inside my car from my open windows while the heater blew hot air on my feet (I’m weird,  I know). I focused on the sun, blue sky, and puffy white clouds. I enjoyed passing the small farm and seeing the morning fog hover over the fields like a ghost. I was actually fully aware of the other cars on the road instead of only half aware since normally I would be stuck in my head. And I fully enjoyed the music blasting from my car’s stereo because who doesn’t love Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot or The Impression That I Get by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at 8AM? Okay maybe that’s just me, but you can substitute some of your favorite songs for mine.

By the time I got to work I was relaxed, I was happy, and I felt like I was ready to take on the day. Now will I be calm in about an hour from now? Maybe, maybe not. But if I can at least start my day on the right foot, that’s got to count for something right?!

What are some ways that you manage your anxiety when things are stressful? Have you ever tried mindfulness before? What was your experience with it?