The Best Part Of The Job

I complain about my job a lot. I know I do. Long hours, not enough pay, definitely not enough appreciation from anyone.


There are days like today that make it all worth it. This week was brutal with parents screaming, canceling visits (after I had already confirmed with them the day before), and generally telling me I suck in every way possible. But it all melted away today.

Today I met with 3 of my little guys who have been quite challenging for their mother in regards to their behaviors. When we first started, mom could not even talk to anyone without getting beat up by all 3 boys. Punching, scratching, kicking, hitting, pulling hair, etc. Today it has been about 6 months since we started services. The kids were able to tolerate the treatment team talking to mom for over an hour without having any major meltdown. The one little boy, when he wanted to play a game on mom’s cell phone said “Tap, tap, tap” as he tapped her arm, then he politely requested the phone. This child normally would have snatched the phone and slammed it on the ground or run around with it. Instead he took the phone, sat on the couch, and played games on it.

I was absolutely FLOORED!!

I know most people would say “big deal” but to me and the people working with him it was a HUGE deal. I wanted to pick the kid up and swing him around and tell him how proud I was of him (but I didn’t because I think I would have scared everyone and the kiddo). I LOVE THESE MOMENTS!! The small progress, the small successes are so treasured and so appreciated in my heart. I love seeing mom feel hopeful again.

Maybe you aren’t meeting all of your goals (I sure am not) but that’s okay. Please take a moment to celebrate those small successes. They mean so much!!

small victories