I Am No Longer Tubthumping

There is no point in trying
No point in getting up
Stay down on the ground
Don’t make a sound
And maybe the storm will pass

Put on a happy face
Smile, Smile, Smile
They say share your troubles
But then your sadness doubles
When no one wants to listen

Every day is the same
Every minute, Every hour
Bills piled high
Days end with a sigh
And you wonder why you even bother

Be still, be quiet
Hear the ache
Of a heart that’s sad
A soul gone bad
And the desire to try is abandoned

Emptiness screeches
Like an owl gone mad
Loneliness encroaches
Death approaches
And you run open armed to him

They try to pull you back
But you pull away
There’s nothing to do
You are through
Trying to make everyone happy