Father’s Day and Writing

I wanted to delete this blog at least a thousand times this week. I feel like others write so much better then myself. I felt like since I didn’t get a lot of views or likes I should stop. But why did I start this blog in the first place? It was truly to vent about my life, my struggles and to get some of it out before I self implode. So if I look at my writing from that perspective then I really have no reason not to write.

Today is Father’s Day here in the US of A. I don’t know if other countries have Father’s Day or not so if anyone from another country happens to read this please let me know! My dad passed away on on October 22nd of 2014. He was everything to me. He was my hero and the man who taught me everything I know about sports (although my wonderful husband is adding to that knowledge). He told me thousands of corny jokes and we always enjoyed saying puns to one another. He taught me how to love and share and be kind. He was an amazing man and every time I think about him or talk about him I feel this ache in my chest. I remember when he first passed away I felt like I couldn’t even breathe for almost a year. The ache is not as powerful as it was then but it still hurts a lot at times, especially days like today.

Both of my parents always encouraged my writing and thought I could be an actual author one day. I would love that but fear holds me down like an iron fist. The fear of rejection, the fear of failure, and yes the fear of success. I don’t need to be J. K. Rowling or Stephen King famous but I would love to walk into Barnes and Noble and see my book on the shelf or even out of stock because so many people have purchased my book and are enjoying it.

So maybe I won’t write every day but I think I need to try to write more often then once or twice a month. To all the good dads out there, and all my substitute dads, and of course my Heavenly Father I say Happy Father’s Day.



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