Shards #1 – What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

This is a beautiful blog written by my friend Stephen. It really makes you think about what is real and not real and who you really are.

Fractured Faith Blog

When you look in a mirror what do you see? Is it a functional task, performing a visual checklist, beforeyou step out to face what the day ahead brings. Hair, check. Clothes, check. Overall appearance? Meh, acceptable, you’ll do, I’m late for the train, no time to think too hard about this. Then it’s off without another thought until you partake of the same perfunctory ritual again, 24 hours later.

Or is it a more drawn out process? You preen and pout, basking in what faces you. A selfie perhaps, for you like what you see. And why not for you’ve worked hard to cultivate this image of perfection. You smile as you know you’ll turn heads wherever you go today. Image is everything and you are enraptured by yours. You stare at the centre of your universe and it smirks back at you.

Or do you cringe and…

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I go about my day

Wishing things would be okay
And sometimes they are but most of the time they are not
Nobody hears
The tortured screams inside

To them, I am a happy, kind, sweet person
One who is gentle and loving, giving they all they need.

Deep inside depression eats away at me
Ignorant of any love thrown my way
Every day I wish I was someone else.